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Savanna Kicks Off OcSober With The Savanna (Road) Block Party

Savanna has always been an unapologetically bold maverick and last night’s party to celebrate SA’s first non-alcoholic cider and kick off OcSober was no different. The Savanna Block Party, which was held at 1 Fox Precinct in Joburg CBD, was a roaring success and definitely conveyed the message that, with Savanna Non-alcoholic Lemon, #TheRulesDontApply. 

Initially, however, partygoers were surprised, and in some cases concerned, when they were met with a road block on their way to the Savanna Block Party. Being stopped by the police doesn’t usually signal the beginning of a good party! In this way Savanna drove the message of responsible drinking and that a good party does not always have to result in a jail term or even death.

But it turned out to all be part of the show; the ‘police’ were in fact the welcome crew for the partygoers, handing out bottles of ice cold Savanna Non-alcoholic Lemon as they ushered them forward into the venue. Patrons were surprised and then delighted as they realised that the Savanna Block Party was in fact the Savanna ROAD Block Party.

The night was full of the unexpected. Not only did Savanna make Humpday the new Saturday, but unique Savanna twists were put on traditional drinking games, including extreme Jenga and extreme Savanna pong – which you definitely don’t want to attempt when you’re not sober! Artists like Kabza De Small, Olwee and Da Kruk helped the partygoers to dance the night away while enjoying the crisp, maverick taste of Savanna Non-alcoholic Lemon.

“When embarking on the process of creating South Africa’s first ever non-alcoholic cider, Savanna carefully selected a dealcoholisation process that ensured we kept the traditional dry and crisp Savanna taste people know and love. Savanna Non-alcoholic Lemon means that drinkers can enjoy the distinctive Savanna taste in any situation, whether you’re the designated driver or the designated party animal. Savanna wants to inspire South Africans to go against the grain and buck the belief that you have to consume alcohol in order to have a good time.”  – Lazola Dali, Marketing Manager Savanna at Distell.

#TheRulesDontApply #NotJustAppleJuice