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Grasshoppers celebrates 20 million pairs of shoes made by heart and hand.

This month, Grasshoppers celebrates a momentous milestone – 20 million pairs of the most iconic and instantly recognisable shoes have been made.

The brand is one of the largest private employers in the Great Brak and Southern Cape area and thanks to its success, is also the catalyst to the forming of thirteen small businesses in the region, each of which makes and sells a key component of the shoe.

“Grasshoppers is a feel-good buy – not only because they are such a huge part of our cultural history but because they play such an important role in supporting an entire community in a meaningful way- reaching 20 million pairs of shoes made, it is all thanks to the employees, craftsmen and constant support from our loyal customers. ” – Head of Group Marketing, Stuart Hopwood.

Over the years the Grasshoppers has managed to build a legacy that has inspired many young and old fashion lovers, a brand that transcends, age, social and economic divides – a brand that is a 100% proudly local, quality product Grasshoppers is continually morphing and adapting with each release.

While the traditional Grasshoppers moccasin has remained the brand’s most iconic and instantly recognisable offering, there’s no denying the rise in popularity of the Grasshoppers stitch-down styles or veldskoen.

Grasshoppers has always designed shoes that is comfortable and relatable to their customers – such as the crepe sole shoes, a unique shoe that provides loose comfort for the feet whilst remaining durable. Undoubtably the best shoe to be worn for a long stretches of time, be it at work or at a play- crafted in a time-honoured shoemaking tradition, they are made to last a lifetime.

“Being in the Grasshoppers game means we’re in it for the marathon and not the sprint, we plan to be around for many years to come, so we have to make sure we get it absolutely right and that same commitment to quality and comfort remains the most important factor. It’s the cornerstone of our business and we value our customers’ trust in us implicitly”, he says.

Grasshoppers are now also available through their new online store and in selected retailers across South Africa.