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Mike Del Ferro and the Afrikan Heritage Ensemble Release First-of-A-Kind Fusion of Classical Tunes and Amahubo Songs Album

When original sounds collide, magic is created. The music legends Mike Del Ferro, a Dutch Pianist who has made it his life mission to travel around the globe and create music and Mbuso Khoza – founder of the Afrikan Heritage Ensemble, who is renowned for his passion for culture and maintaining the depth of traditional music, especially Amahubo, have shared the stage a few times in the past. This time they have cooked a one-of-kind musical compilation where piano and traditional Amahubo songs are fused to produce an original and sensational album that will be launched on 23 June at the Joburg Theatre.

According to Del Ferro, narrow-mindedness is a curse to society and through travel and meeting with inspiring musicians around the globe allows for like-minded individuals to create powerful music that will not only entertain, but also inspire people who appreciate good music.

“I am excited about this great project we are launching with Khoza and his Ensemble. This is a product that defies the stereotypic views about how far one can go with their craft. Two strong original forms of music have come together to create a jewel that promises to be music to many-a-people’s ear. Versatility, passion and creativity played a huge role in coming up with this jewel of an album,” – Del Ferro.

The self-titled Album: Afrikan Heritage Ensemble featuring Mike Del Ferro boasts 10 tracks of traditional arrangements by Mbuso Khoza was recorded at the South African Broadcasting Corporation studios in South Africa in 2018 and produced by Mike Del Ferro.

“Music is an art, packaging it is informed by creativity and delivering it should be an unsurpassed craft. This is a first for South Africa, and it is a taste of rich history and cultures through music. If one would take the history of a piano and that of Amahubo, they would see that there are so many similarities. This Album was inspired by the history our country with modernisation of culture. For me, this album showcases a marriage of two cultures to present social cohesion that will make sense to our generation,” – Khoza.

“We look forward to giving a taste of this beautiful craft through a life performance at The Joburg Theatre and encourage music lovers who have an ear for great music to join us for this one-night only experience limited to a few patrons,” – Khoza.

The Album launch will take place at Joburg Theatre’s ‘The Fringe’ on 23rd June and tickets are available at Pick ‘n Pay.