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Mars Confectionery Launches Limited Edition Twix White in South Africa

Twix lovers are in for a real treat as Mars Confectionery introduces a new limited edition variant of its favourite TWIX® biscuit bar, Twix® White, in South Africa for the first time. As of 10 April 2019, the white chocolate covered caramel and cookie bar will be available at all popular retail stores nationwide.

The decadent Twix® White features the classic crunchy shortbread TWIX® cookie covered in golden caramel and enrobed in a rich white chocolate, which can be enjoyed in many creative ways. Twix fanatics can enjoy the limited edition variant in these fun ways: 

1. Just enjoy it as it is

Grab some Twix® White bars from your local store and share them with your friends and family or consume them as a delicious treat.

2. Make a white chocolate ice cream

Buy a tub of your favourite ice-cream and crumble Twix® White on top for a beautifully presented and deliciously tasty dessert.

3. Crush chocolate and add to yoghurt

If you are looking for a simple yet delicious treat, crush Twix® White on top of Greek yoghurt and enjoy. To step up your game, make a yoghurt parfait by layering yoghurt, granola, crushed Twix White and sliced banana and strawberries in a glass. 

4. No bake white chocolate cheese cake

Few dessert treats beat the addition of melted white chocolate and citrus zest into the creamy filling for a deep, decadent flavour. Simply crumble Twix® White on top to accentuate the flavour and add a delicious crunch. 

5. Enjoy it with your cup of coffee

Chocolate and coffee make the perfect pair. Coffee enhances the flavours of chocolate, which makes it a great addition to bring out the rich flavour of Twix® White. 

Be sure to grab as many bars of the biscuit and caramel bar smothered in white chocolate as you can, while stock last!