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Coming Up on E!’s How Do I Look South Africa Season 2

Nominated by her colleague, Madelein is a hard-working mother of 2 and business owner of a successful recruitment agency. According to her family and colleagues, she is a considerate, caring and loving person who works hard balancing her family and work life but needs some help in the style department. They feel that she needs to change and update her style to match her business ethic, but she doesn’t always make the time to focus on herself and her look.

She tries to dress for success, but needs to update her wardrobe and her look
Madelein still tends to dress as if she is in her 20’s. She wears clothing items that are unflattering and baggy, allowing her bra straps to stick out. Her choice of clothing colours consists of pastel pinks and bright colours that don’t work with her complexion. Her style choices do not reflect the successful business woman and mom that she is.

Madelein already has a beautiful family and successful business that she has worked very hard to achieve over a long period, but now wants to have her style be reflective of a smart, confident women who can have anything she wants if she puts her mind to it.

From a family and business aspect of her life,Madelein receives praise from everyone she knows; her family, her friends and her colleagues. She works hard and balances her life very well, but she tends not to make enough time for herself, especially in the style department. Her attention to detail regarding her hair and nails is good, but she requires the style to complete her look.