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It’s not every day that youngsters get the chance to stay in and throw an extra cold house party, especially if Gogo is around! This is exactly what happened to a gent from Soweto, named Xolani Tshezi, when he simply tweeted Bontle Modiselle & Castle Lite, asking for an Ultimate House Party to be thrown for him at his house, after watching an episode of the show on Mzansi Magic. However, the spanner in the works is that Xolani lives with his grandmother!

Twitter went abuzz with Ultimate House Party fans suggesting that Xolani’s gogo should be taken out while the kids have fun in her house. As the brand that listens to the masses, Castle Lite replied to Xolani and decided to give him TWO extra cold experiences. One for his gogo and friends around town, as well as one for his mates at home, “akekho ugogo style”.

On Saturday, 7 April 2018, DJ Warras arrived with the Cara Cara to take Xolani’s Gogo and her friends for an extra cold experience around Johannesburg.

#GogosNightOut was officially trending online and the Gogo’s took over Gold Reef City for a 4D experience, then a sky bar, and the last stop was at Johannesburg’s most premium north hotel for a warm night in.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Xolani’s party saw cool kids such as Bubblez Tlali, Zandi Finca, Nkanyezi Khubeka and of course, what’s an Ultimate House Party without Bontle Modiselle’s dance moves? To add to the extra cold house party, Castle Lite added DJ Vigilante to take the night to -2.5˚ with some cold bars on the decks!

At the end of it all, Xolani was happy and granny was happy. It was the epic story of the Ultimate House Party and Gogo’s Night Out – Castle Lite style!