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Cape Town based premium drinks company Truman & Orange has launched authentically-produced, classic, Italian beer, Mazzatti Birra Superiore.

Independent drinks company, Truman & Orange, is developing a reputation for sourcing drinks from parts of the world renowned for their long history of crafting premium products.  Hot on the heels of their perfectly-timed Italian import, Malfy Gin, and the more recently-launched world’s number 1 Prosecco, Mionetto, the company has recently introduced a premium Italian beer: Mazzatti Birra Superiore.

“South African beer drinkers have historically been offered two types of beer: light, easy-drinking lagers or craft beers with their rich and often unusual flavours.  Mazzatti offers the discerning beer drinker a full-flavoured, exceptionally-made, classic, Italian beer brewed by an authentic, independent brewery with over a hundred of years of history and experience.” –  Truman & Orange founding entrepreneur, Rowan

Internationally, growth in premium imported beer is being driven by those searching for high-quality beer made authentically by older breweries with generations of experience. Mazzatti Birra Superiore is a Birra Tradizione made at a 160-year old brewery. Brewed using traditional Italian techniques and only the highest quality ingredients, Mazzatti beers are crisp and clean with a fuller, more satisfying body (gusto rotundo) than mass-produced beers.

The brewery is situated in Lagundo, in the picturesque Italian Alps, where Mazzatti is called a Birra Naturale because it is brewed using pure, natural water from the Alpine stream that runs through Lagundo. The softness and purity of the water coming directly off the mountains surrounding the  brewery enables Mazzatti to be brewed naturally, without added chemicals, giving the Italian beer it’s natural, refreshing taste.

Mazzatti beers take twice as long to make as most other beers because of their unusually long lagering. Lagering is the critical maturation period after brewing when Mazzatti beers rest at below 0 degrees in subterranean cold-storage cellars for five weeks, resulting in their unique smoothness.

Complex, smooth, crisp and delicious, Mazzatti’s satisfying, full body is typical of the Northern parts of Italy where it’s brewed. Its crisp elegance lends itself to café-style enjoyment on hot Summer’s days – both in Italy where it’s the most popular beer style, and in South Africa where the opportunities to indulge in a premium, beautifully made, authentic Italian beer abound.

“Mazzatti Birra Superiore is a premium beer which will appeal to a sophisticated drinker looking for the crisp refreshment characteristic of Italian beers, while also satisfying the need for a more full-bodied flavour than other Italian beers available in South Africa.” – Rowan.

Full-flavoured Mazatti Lager Superiore has an intense nose, with complex flavours of rich malt, making it one of the highest quality Birra Speciales in Italy. Mazzatti Pilsner Superiore is a crisp, dry beer with a gentle, refreshing bitterness and a lively spiced-hop aroma.  It’s considered an exceptional example of this style of elegant blonde beer, and perfect for daytime drinking in hot weather.

This beautifully-made beer exemplifies the Italian style of beer, and is available to be enjoyed at bars and restaurants serving high-quality beers. Mazzatti Birra Superiore retails for approximately R26 per 300ml serve and the range is available at Norman Goodfellows and Makro.