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INTERVIEW: Bonang Matheba Talks DSTV AMVCA’s & More

Once again, the Queen of South African Media – Bonang Matheba is ‘Moooooving Darling’ hosting the first ever DSTV Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards set to take place at the Sandton Convention Center this weekend.

These are Mzansi Magic inaugural awards where viewers determine deserving winners for nominees competing in ten different categories. No stranger to live TV, Bonang Matheba has been trusted as the official host to handle the proceedings on the day.

We had the opportunity to chat with her briefly about this exciting opportunity, what viewers should expect on the night and more:

DSTV approached me a couple of months ago asking me to do these awards, they want them to run well so they said to me, ‘You are well experienced, well respected & a great host and want you to be part of this big project’. When you host something new, Bonang is the go to person because that’s how you get to introduce viewers to a new project or show and this is a great feeling for me.

I have known about this project for so many months, I had to keep it as a secret until the official announcement. Finally people know that I will be hosting and also one of the nominees for the best TV presenter category, I am really honoured for this opportunity.

Now that we know for a fact that she’s nominated for Best TV presenter, we had to ask Queen B who she is rooting for on the night besides herself:

I’m rooting for my boyfriend obviously! I’m a music and fashion girl, I don’t have time to watch a lot of television, so when i do watch TV it’s usually the news and lots of music. I hope people who win in the other categories are people who are actually deserving of the award.

Talking about fashion and styling, Queen B has confirmed that her international stylist Harrison Crite who is currently styling Cardi B, Zendaya, Celine Dion & more will be flying over to take over wardrobe duties for the night:

This is a big deal for me, I have my stylist Harrison Crite coming through from New York, he is currently busy with Cardi B & Celine Dion. The DSTV MVCA’s are very important to me and Mzansi Magic viewers so they must get ready for sparkle, lots of fabulousity & slaayage!

There are high expectations for these awards and only a few days left till we witness everything unfold, what should viewers look forward to on the night?

Viewers should look forward to a star-studded production, I think South Africans deserve a high quality production show. I am going to bring the best kind of presenting I’ve ever put out there, it is going to be of international standard. I love that I had enough time to prepare for these awards, I’m hosting them alone so I will get to really enjoy them from every single corner.

I am excited, there is nothing that I love more than authentically South African things whether it’s music, food, fashion or people. I am a deep South African girl so when our stars and celebrities work hard and getting acknowledged I feel good.

I just want to be part of projects that are ‘feel good’ projects that spread love and positivity as well as make feel people feel good about themselves.

We are excited about this spectacular event, witness it all go down this Saturday at 20:30 live on Mzansi Magic (DSTV Chanel 161)