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Hip-hop heavyweights AKA & Anatii have finally released their much anticipated joint album Be Careful What You Wish For. This follows the success of their latest singles which are currently on rotation topping the charts nationwide.

The 10 track album list includes Bryanston Drive, How You Like Me Now, Camps Bay, Holy Mountain, Psalm 1000, our new favourite jam Angelz, Jesus Plug, 10 Fingers, The Saga and smash hit Don’t Forget To Pray. The two kicked off the official #BCWYWF weekend, hosting an exclusive listening session on Friday to give media and invited guests an opportunity to listen to this creative body of work. We had a brief chat with them, to find out more about this collaboration:

10 Fingers and Don’t Forget To Pray became instant hits becoming Mzansi’s top Hip Hop tracks respectively, from achieving that, how was it like working on the official album?

AKA: Working on the album was a great experience mentally, spiritually and personally. This is really an important album, not just for us but for the game as well to show people that they can come together as young African people to make positives out of negatives.

ANATII: Coming out of my first album Artifact, this feels like a learning experience for me. We have learnt a lot from each other and getting back in to the ring we had to think creatively about what we are going to do this time. It was just vibes!

Be Careful What You Wish For only has 10 tracks, take us through the process of picking the songs that made it to the list?

AKA: The process of picking the songs for the album was seamless, nobody said no to anything, in fact we had made more than 10 songs for this album. We wanted this album to be solid, we didn’t want to have unnecessary tracks in there that people would skip.

People are excited and want more, at the end of the day we are not just making music for South African Twitter we are also making music for people who are sitting in New York and has never heard 10 Fingers or The Saga before.

From what we have heard today, we are totally vibing with Angelz, are there any personal favourites?

AKA: We don’t have one specific song on the album that we each love, everyday it changes. Creating songs is like having babies, these are 10 babies and picking who we love more is difficult.

On the album there are songs that are more of me and some more of Anatii but I don’t have that separation to say this song is entirely me. In some instances you will find that a track has more of my vibe but Anatii would be behind the scenes making some changes. Everything you hear on this album is a collaborative effort.

Lastly, the wish for fans to see you working together again is finally happening, should they expect more of these kind of collaborations and work from you individually?

AKA: Fans should look out for more work from us, we are going to collaborate for many more years to come. We are going to grow as artists and at this stage it is entirely possible that we will do another one, maybe Be Careful What You Wish ‘4’.

ANATII: I am still pushing my Artifact album which i dropped early this year. I have videos from it that I need to release soon so fans can look out for that.

AKA: I have dropped a lot of music this year, I need to finish up my album and hopefully drop it at the end of this year. For now we want fans to feel the good energy, hope, blessings, faith, spirituality, good vibes and positive energy from this album.

#BCWYWF is available on iTunes and Musica Stores nationwide. While we wait for the official video for Angelz to drop, let’s watch the dope 10 Fingers video one more time!