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GOG Lifestyle Welcomes Spring/Summer Season With Nkuli Tshirumbula, Neo Kekana & Simphiwe Gwegwe

With some iconic adventure activities that keep a steady stream of adrenaline junkies coming back for more, GOG Lifestyle Park, is undoubtedly a top destination for thrill seekers. The park recently saw some notable celebrity adrenaline junkies converging for a spectacular adventure experience that included wall climbing, abseiling, a classic sprint obstacle course, some fun on the giant trampolines and so much more; the perfect way to kick start and step into the spring/summer season.

The only one of its kind in Gauteng, GOG Lifestyle Park, is enabling the avid thrill seeker the opportunity to create and cultivate their perfectly unique adventure. You decide where you go, what you do and how you do it. From easy green elements, to medium blue elements and finally; the challenging and hard black elements that take you into a wonderland.

Located in Lanseria just opposite the old Lion Park, GOG Lifestyle Park, is an adventure seeker’s paradise that is set on being one of Johannesburg’s most enthralling offerings. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie looking to give expression to your sense of adventure, a lover of the greater outdoors, a fitness enthusiast or a family looking for a space to unwind, GOG Lifestyle Park has a piece of itself to offer everyone.

GOG Lifestyle geared up to welcome the spring/summer season with adrenaline junkie and actor Nkuli Tshirumbula, Neo Kekana of The Health Experience, as well as musician Simphiwe Gwegwe. The trio were recently kitted up for the 2017 GOG Lifestyle Park photoshoot showcasing the very best of what GOG Lifestyle Park has on offer.

“Exercise, fashion and music are all such strong forms of self-expression. They are powerful tools for reinventing oneself.” – Actor Nkuli Tshirumbula.

“GOG Lifestyle Park is about breaking out of the mold and the status quo by offering something unique. The park positions itself as the perfect family outing destination. The perfect place where both adults and children can enjoy themselves equally.” – GOG Managing Director, Tim Hogins.

GOG Lifestyle Park re-opens to the public on the 26th of August 2017.