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Participating teams Announced for the 2017 Inanda Africa Cup Polo Tournament

The “Game of Kings”, as the sport of polo has been labelled all over the world, has, over the last years gained huge momentum at events and clubs across the African continent and globally.

Those who are lucky enough to play will attest that it is much more than a sport. It is a passion. A lifestyle. Carrying a reputation of snobbery, the game of polo is and can be made accessible to everyone, and even if it is easy to individualise people who haven’t previously attended a match, part-time followers can blend in with the polo aficionados with great ease.

Novel spectators need to keep an eye on the game; eight thundering horses very often descend close to the edge of the field and the 100mph ball is occasionally knocked into the animated crowd.

Not only is the sport a huge attraction for the horse lovers but it also offers a perfect location for spreading a networking circle. Another misconception is that polo is a sport for ‘gentlemen’ only. What many don’t know is that 25% of players are women with precentages growing constantly – polo is the only contact sport practiced by both ladies and gentlemen together – and then there are the fashionista ladies, dressed to the nines!

The end of the South African winter is fast approaching and the warmer temperatures will bring the Inanda Africa Cup Polo Tournament, hosted at the prestigeous Inanda Club in Sandton on Sunday, 20 August.

With some of the continent’s most proficient polo players having confirmed their attendance to the event the matches promise to be enormously demanding with extensive competition endured amongst the participants, but the order of the day from Craig James, the Inanda Club Polo Manger, “is to have fun and participate at a very high level of the game”.

Confirming the participation of world-class teams from Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, Craig James promises:

“This year’s Inanda Africa Cup will be the most competitive and spectacular polo tournament of the 2017 season. Polo enthusiasts will witness some of the finest teams, players and ponies that the sport can offer”. South Africa is currently ranked number one in African Polo and the team from Zimbabwe second, with Zambia and Nigeria Polo closely vying as competitors for third position.”

In many other countries the sport is still heavily associated with royalty and the elite. In recent times, polo has trickled down to the ordinary people who have bought into the idea and have become massive fans, and the Inanda Club promotes this transformation of the game.

This major polo event in Africa offers a completely different atmosphere for you to entertain clients and friends in style. Don’t miss out on this prestigious, world-class polo entertainment fixture; from the quality of the thrill of polo matches to the festivities on the sidelines, the fashion experience and the champagne.