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Castle Lite Unlocks Bryson Tiller & Travis Scott

​Dubbed as one of South Africa’s most sought-after event experiences, Castle Lite Unlocks took things up one more notch by announcing Hip-Hop sensations Bryson Tiller and Travis Scott as the main acts for this year’s concert in an Extra Cold announcement LIVE on Channel O’s music show Turn-Up. Tiller and Scott will perform at the Castle Lite Unlocks Concerts on the 15th and 16th of June in Johannesburg and Polokwane, South Africa.

Following this exciting announcement, We had a brief chat with the Castle Lite Brand Director – Becky Opdyke to find out more about this years Unlocks Concert & more:

It all started about 5years ago when we the idea of bringing international & up and coming artists together on one stage came to life. The likes of Drake, Kanye West, Timbaland, Wiz Khalifa, Nas & J cole to name a few, have been brought into the country (some while they were still young visionaries) courtesy of Castle Lite Unlocks. This year we are bringing Bryson Tiller & Travis Scott, these are young guys who are changing the Hip Hop industry.

What process does Castle Lite take when picking the perfect headliner for #CastleLiteUnlocks concerts?

First of all, We are very cautious about everything that is happening in the music industry. We are listening and monitoring social media to see who people are talking about. Secondly, we always make sure that the artist we pick has never been to South Africa before, to bring people something new and fresh. Finally, we have to look at it strategically by asking ourselves what are we doing for the Hip Hop industry. This genre has become much more diverse than it used to be. We looked at trapsoul and figured it’s time we explore that space.

“We always make sure that the artist we pick has never been to South Africa before.” Becky Opdyke, Castle Lite Brand Director

How has the response from the public been since the announcement?

We are receiving a lot of feedback from the fans, especially with this announcement about the two headliners Bryson & Travis for this year. Through the positive & interesting response we are receiving, people are mostly excited about the tickets which are going on sale for both Johannesburg & Polokwane. 

What should people expect on the 15 & 16 June?

When you show up to a Castle Lite Unlocks Experience, you think you are in for something but by the time you leave at the end of the night – you have no idea what just happened. We are bringing the sexy sounds of Bryson Tiller and the little bit more melodic Travis Scott, it is going to be a beautiful show!

We are yet to unlock even more extra cold artists when we reveal the opening acts for the shows. We always want to make sure that our local line up have something really interesting happening on the stage as well.

Tickers are now available on TicketPro, we made sure that they are affordable for everyone to have an amazing experience. 

Follow the official hashtag #CastleLiteUnlocks on Twitter to keep updated with the latest reveals.

          ……..Keep it extra cold!