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#NewTrailerAlert: Savage Kingdom

A new series to premier titled Savage Kingdom on Nat Geo Wild. The series about a three thousand square miles of remote African Savannah ancient land governed by competing clans of ruthlessly proficient predators Lions, Leopards, Hyenas and Wild Dogs.  Their survival depends on the giant herds of powerful prey Buffalo, Elephant and Zebra who have roamed Savute in search of sustenance, season after season, millennium after millennium. Each day is a life and death struggle animal against animal, animal against nature. Savute is a land where natural law is taken to its limit and sometimes… beyond. It has always been this way. Like a lion with a wildebeest, this six-part drama takes the viewer by the throat in a bitter, sweet embrace of life and death and refuses to let go until the final curtain.


Unique access from multi-camera crews on the ground and in the air brings spectacular and unparalleled perspective to the mortal challenges facing the cast of Savute. Choppers and drones reveal the scale of mass migrations while close up, high-speed, 4K-footage propels the audience into the heart of the action. Like its cast of characters this series is muscular in style and unapologetically violent. Death comes without warning to those we have grown to know and love for their courage, strength and beauty.

Here even the mightiest and the apparently invincible cannot guess which day will be their last. Across six episodes we see the full impact that the cycle of Savute’s seasons has on every carnivore clan.  The rains leave a time of birth and plenty in their wake, but all too soon the soil is parched and the grass gone.  Rival tribes of predators are squeezed into a cauldron of competition. Against this urgent backdrop of decreasing resources the drama between animal factions plays out lions against lions, lions against leopards, leopards against dogs, hyenas against all.

Savage Kingdom will premier on Nat Geo Wild on the 4th December at 18:00. Watch the trailer below: