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Victoria Kimani Collaborating with Mzansi Artists on Safari Album

We recently caught up with Kenyan music star Victoria Kimani to have a quick chat about her latest projects since we last saw her at the Africa Music Concert last year. Kimani is no stranger to the South African music scene collaborating with local artists like Khuli Chana with their latest track titled All The Way currently sitting at +150k views on Youtube.

voctoria-kimani1Victoria, Great to see you again in SA..

I love it here, i am actually mastering my latest album. South Africa is turning into my third home, with Kenya as the first (obviously) Nigeria as the second (Cause im always in Lagos) And Jozi as my third. Jozi is so beautiful i cant stay away from this place.

You are currently working on your latest album SAFARI, what should people look out for?

People should look out for Diversity in my latest album, lots of cross-over African collaborations but overall, I just want  people to know that it is very divers and different. 

Victoria Kimani SafariAre you working with any South African artists on the album?

Yass ofcoz I am working with South African artists on this album. Without revealing too much for now all I can say is, I am working with South Africa’s Mr Red Mic as well as Princess of House ? and well…someone else i cant really announce. It is going to be a really beautiful album.

Any other projects you are working on in SA?

Right now I am fully focused on the SAFARI album, that’s my baby. I am also on Khuli Chana’s track titled One Source and he is going to be launching the video at the Awards. I am going to be on the video so you should expect Fierceness, it is going to be crazy!. The video was shot in Ghana by world renowned directors from Los Angeles, these guys are state of the art.

gota-victoria-kimaniAre we going to see more of you in SA this time around?

Ofoz! I love it here, the people are always showing me so much love. I love the South African culture so i will definitely be back more often. 

While you wait in anticipation for the release of SAFARI, have a listen to her latest track GOTA featuring Congolese band, AIRLINE which is available (for download) on all digital platforms below: