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#NewMusicAlert: Nadia Nakai ft Cassper Nyovest – The Man

Nadia Nakai has dropped a hot new single featuring Cassper Nyovest titled #TheMan. The track is already making waves in the entertainment scene topping the charts on popular radio stations and music shows.

Nadia Nakai1

Cassper was kind enough to share the lyrics of his verse to make the rap-along experience a lot easier:

“You are now looking at the , hardest working man in the industry/ street smart hustler mind is sharp as a guillotine/ Bentley driver , womaniser fuck them until they sleep/ the tint is 25 % , it looks like a limousine/ when I skrrrrrr/ nigga we way wavy / and I don’t give a fuck what they say lately/ I get it I really do nigga they hate me/ cause a nigga so hot I could blaze Satan/ spray paint him / serve him like his prey brake him/ like a week promise / deep pockets/ still keep a cheap wallet/ dick solid/ don’t you wanna sit on it ?/ skipped college/ still got rich knowledge/ symbolic never ever miss flawless/ we spotted, niggas acting dishonest/ bitch nodded , anybody this awesome/ clique solid, you looking for hits? Got em/ Chris Wallace niggas got a big problem/ demolished the head with the wig on it/ she swallowed, I gave her what the bitch wanted/ itjatja !!! I live on it/ the kid’s modest but I just wanna piss on them/ the mother fuckers don’t wanna uplift artist/ they just wanna sit in they big office/ with deposits of bribe getting rich/ bothered by nix / cause it’s a vibe to be rigged started with this force it’s alive / I legit got it/ hau batla gura lenna o sebet Sani / you quit Homie cause / you lying to yourself, I’m an idol that’s the truth/ I don’t mean to sugar coat it, but my rival is a poes / I’m as real as they don’t come, the truth is vital in the booth/ They so used to me winning they get excited when I lose cause I been the man”

Grasped the lyrics? Now rap along here: